Groove Agent One: How to trigger 2 samples with only 1 key?

I’ve got an electronic drum kit hooked up via midi to Groove Agent ONE. I want my drummer to be able to play 2 samples at the same time with a single kick drum pedal. Is there a way to program this in Groove Agent ONE?

(Battery 3 let me assign any note to any drum pad, so I could have 5 different drum pads all set to C#1 and they would all trigger at the same time)

I don’t use GrooveAgent, but you could always mix the two samples together to form a new sample. Or use two GrooveAgent instruments if you need separate control?


I need 2 drums in groove agent to play from a single trigger, but yeah, the only work around I’ve found is to set them up separately, record it, then import it back into groove agent as 1 sound.

Just copy the recording of one sound and then apply a different sound to the new track.

Don’t tell me. You’re using it live onstage. :laughing:

I record my drummer using an electronic kit via midi so I capture all her particular nuances in playing. We will use the sounds live, but I will transfer the sounds over to a Roland sampler for that.

It’s a shame they don’t allow a person to just be able to mix in different sounds.

Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do, but, Groove Agent WILL allow you to assign up to 8 samples to a pad. So, you have your five pads now. COPY the samples of each of those pads to a new pad (with all five samples layered on that same pad). Then assign that pad to note C#1.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute…

I did put 2 samples on 1 Groove Agent pad, but then it broke them up into layers, and would only play each sound 1 at a time by velocity, rather than play there both at the same time. Is there a way to get them to play both at the same time?

I haven’t looked yet, but can you not assign two GA1 pads to the same note number?
Or create two Instrument tracks and therefore two instances of GA1 and in one mute the other drums and set both tracks to receive on the same midi channel. Bit involved but…

When I try to do the note number thing, it just switches the note numbers. So if I a drum sound on C1, and try to make C6 also C1, it makes C6 C1 and the previous C1 C6.

I suppose the two instrument tracks might work, but I’m a little worried about collapsing the time space continuum by doing that somehow…

Next time I need to combine 2 sounds I might try that, so if the universe ends, you’ll know why…

Finally, another thread about this created by someone other than myself. You might as well forget about trying to do what you want, it just wont happen with GA1. GA1 does NOT allow layering of samples on pads OUTSIDE of velocity triggers. Very, very lame I know, but this is the reality. I have complained about this for for years now, ever since GA1 came with Cubase 5 and nothing has been done about it. If you want true layering in a drum sampler, you will have to look elsewhere. I have completely abandoned GA1 now and am strictly using a sampler for everything, including my drums which does allow full and proper layering.

Maybe one day Steinberg will do something about this horrible limitation before GA1 gets put on the back burner for good by all its users. This, along with the fact that you CANNOT copy and paste between pads makes me glad I didn’t pay for this plugin separately.

What sampler do you use? I also use Battery 3, but I really like how GA1 allows me to use effects on each drum.

I use Halion 4.5 solely now. If you want a good Drum sampler however, I would look into Guru.

If you use the VSTi rack, load two instances of GA1 into it, route the output of a regular MIDI track to one of them, and route one of that MIDI track’s Sends to the other one, that will do what you are seeking (so long as you are ok with using the rack rather than individual Instrument tracks :wink: )

Try this workaroud: load the two samples in two different notes then put the “Chorder” plugins in the MIDI track and make it always play the notes together. It works.


Great workaround, I must admit, but still cumbersome and unnecessary when other drum samplers out there have proper layering from the get go to alleviate the need for such hassles.

I abslutely agree.

You should be able to do this without duplicating the GA1. Assuming your layers are on adjacent pads, put a MIDI Modifier into the Send instead and transpose it by +1, +2, etc to access the layers, which you can send to different outs to treat if you want.

I also thinks it’s a bit pants that you can’t do full layering in GA1.

Hey man. You can have two tracks highlighted at once. So if one is a GA1 Maple kit and the other GA1 Brush kit, your trigger will activate both tracks at once. You’ll be eating up two tracks but that shouldn’t be a big deal.

I’m aware that this is a pretty old thread now but I have just discovered a quick and effective way of doing this.

I couldn’t justify spending money on EZ Drummer, Perfect Drums etc and could see that Groove Agent has a lot of potential.

Blending drum samples in Groove Agent isn’t that intuative but is actually pretty simple.

In my case I wanted to trigger two Snare samples with one hit on the MIDI Drum Editor.

This will vary on how your drum map is set up but in my case I loaded drum sample 1 on D1 (on the Groove Agent instrument pad) and sample 2 on D#1.

On the Sample 2 on D#1 go to the Pitch tab and activate the ‘Key Range’ button. You will notice that in this case the Low Key and the High Key are both D#1. Simply change your Low Key to ‘D1’ and now the D1 midi note will trigger BOTH D1 and D#1 at the same time.

Now blend your individual drum sample volumes to suit.

Hope this helps.

Or use this, starting around 3:30: How to Layer Samples in Groove Agent | Getting Started with Groove Agent - YouTube