Groove Agent One not showing up

I have Steinberg Cubase LE AI Elements 7 64bit. It came with my Yamaha THR10X amp. In Cubase, when I try to add an Instrument Track, Groove Agent One doesn’t show up in the selection window.

And when I go to this path: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 7\VST3

I see it in there as 2 files.
Groove Agent ONE.bin
Groove Agent ONE.vst3

How do I solve this issue?

I’d like to know, too. I’ve contacted tech support, and they just tell me to add an instrument track and it should be there, but it’s not. I uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase… still no Groove Agent. Makes it hard to even start recording without a drum track. :neutral_face:

Did you ever resolve this? I have the exact same situation and description.

I could never get it to work with 7, just upgraded to 8 and still no luck. Every other VST and plug-in I have appears, functions, and loads just fine.

I also have an active support ticket which hasn’t yet been addressed, answered, or resolved.

Any update on this? I have the exact same issue!

Have opened a support ticket as well…
Every other VST works like a charm except Groove Agent One

From what I have read in the owners manual. Groove Agent is not available with 8 Ai. you have to upgrade to 8 Element. You can still but drums in your mix. Either use what Ai has to offer…or create your own beats.
I’m on the fence about upgrading to Element or buying 8.5 Artist.
Hope that helps out a little.

Ah well I have LE 7, and I maybe don’t expect the whole Groove shebang, but one of the options for installation was “Groove Agent ONE Content”, and I can physically see the files on my PC too!

There is so little info about what precisely this “content” is… It is not mentioned at all in any of the LE 7 manuals or even a readme! Really want to know… is it some drum sounds? etc. Also how to access the content!