Groove Agent ONE presets; how could I discover those?

Hello, could anybody help me in the following?
I upgraded in the course of time Cubase, as well I bought Groove Agent (actually I own 5). When opening (very old) project I did with Groove Agent One, I am not able to discover the old/original presets.
How/Where could I discover this lovely presets?
Thanks everybody in advance for advice/help!

First check Media Bay (F5) in Cubase.

If you see them in there, try double-clicking one, or right clicking and creating a track with it. If you have GA1 installed, it should set a track up with that plugin ready to go. If not, it might use GA SE instead? Not postive as I have GA1 installed here and that is what pops up when using this method.

You can force them into Groove Agent SE, 4, or 5 by selecting the preset from here (instead of the native GA content browser window):

Once you get them into the newer version of GA you might elect save it as a new user preset that’ll show up in the newer GA plugins’ native media bays and such, and would also default to opening instances of the newer perferred GA plugin when launched from Media Bay. I’ve done this with GA1 content I use pretty often in GA 5.

So, I’d check this ‘media bay’ stuff out and experiment with it first.

Don’t see the presets at all? Then try loading the one you want in an instance of GA1 first. They should show up in Media Bay at that point.

Here is where to get a Groove Agent ONE plugin for newer versions of Cubase: Installation of Groove Agent ONE on Cubase (Artist) 8 or later – Steinberg Support

If you’ve installed Cubase and/or Groove Agent 4 or 5, you should already have the vstsound content and presets that came with GA1. If it’s missing for some strange reason you can find it here: Sound File Downloads | Steinberg

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Dear Roland, thank you so much!! Reinstalled the ORIGINAL PLUGIN and I’m really happy!!! Great ! Thanks a lot for supporting me!!!

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