Groove Agent One problems

Everytime I add instrument track and want to use Groove Agent One, I get the follow message. It was working for years and now strange behavior.

Please note that Groove Agent ONE was replaced by Groove Agent SE back in the Nuendo 7/Cubase 8 era (2014). Running GA ONE on Windows 10 was never officially supported.

Groove Agent SE 4 uses a whole new engine that’s better compatible with modern systems. It will also automatically be replaced by Groove Agent SE 5 in your projects if you ever update your Nuendo license and install the new plug-in, making it far more future-proof.

I would strongly recommend using Groove Agent SE for future projects. It’s included with the Nuendo 8 full installer if you don’t already have it installed:

I also noticed that you’re running Nuendo 8.0.10 for some reason. I would also strongly recommend downloading 8.3.20 from the link above unless you had some issue with it. It includes several major bug fixes and many new features.

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