Groove Agent One/ SE/ SE Acoustic

Hello everyone!
Few weeks ago I successfully and legally downloaded Cubase LE AI Elements 8, incuding HALion Sonic and Groove Agent. Here’s the exact list of all the HALion Sonic and Groove Agent progams I got:
Groove Agent ONE Content
Groove Agent ONE Vintage Beatboxes
Groove Agent SE 64bit
Groove Agent SE Acoustic Agent
Groove Agent SE Content
HALion Sonic SE 64bit
HALion Sonic SE Content
All together they make up more than 2 Gigabytes.
I’ve got no problems with HALion Sonic, but just can’t manage to start all these Groove Agents. I’ve watched like hundred tutorials and how-to-videos from people, who just did it so freakin’ easily, but even when I really carefully follow their steps it just doesn’t work for me. Also I read all the posts about that topic I could find, but none of them helped. People had the same problem, but different Cubase versions. I also read about someone who downloaded all this stuff like I did, and the answer was “I don’t know why you could download Groove Agent at all, becaus it’s normally not included in the Cubase Version you got” (he had Cubase 7 whatever…). So now I’m totally confused.
Is anybody out there who can help me? Please? :open_mouth:


Before we can answer your question we need to know what exact licence you own. The Installers for Cubase holds the LE, AI and Elements Version wich are three different one. Thats why it is named that way. But what is the version you are using? LE, AI or Elements?

Technically what you installed was all the content of the Elements Version but if you only have a licence for LE or AI you ain’t have Groove Agent available. Groove Agent SE 4 is only available in Elements, Artist and Pro.