Groove Agent One sounds


I downloaded and activated the Groove Agent demo version, and so far it’s seemingly really versatile! I noticed that one of the banks it comes with is a legacy bank called Groove Agent One. When I try to find any preset kits that includes sounds from it however, nothing shows up. Looking in the path folder there are included three .vstsounds titled Groove Agent ONE 01 through to 03, so I’m curious how to actually demo those sounds.

Anybody got any pointers? I haven’t found a way to find or use the sounds included in that bank.

go via Media Bay (F5). Find the the content and from there you can load up what you need.

I am running Groove Agent through Logic Pro, so I don’t think I have access to a Media Bay.

From the looks of it from older threads other people had this problem, which required them to reinstall kits from older versions of Groove Agent…

Is there a path file directory for the kits themselves? Or are they included in the .vstsound files?

Then open the MediaBay from the menu. Media - Mediabay.