Groove Agent One Virtual Keyboard

I’m not getting any sound in Groove Agent One while I’m using the Virtual Keyboard feature to create a drum track. I’m new to using Elements 7 LE AI. Actually, I’m new to this type of software for recording all together. The level meter is working while I’m pressing the keys but I’m not getting any sound. Thank you for any help provided.


I just realized that I posted this question in the wrong forum. Is it possible to have it moved to the Groove Agent forum? Thanks and sorry for the mistake.

Problem solved.

I found this page via Google when I had the same issue, and solved it.

So here’s my solution:

You are using keys QWERTY etc on the keyboard.

But if you press “E” while Groove Agent is in front, it enters Edit mode, with no sound.

Press it again while Groove Agent is front, to get out of Edit mode.

Sound come back?

Only use the virtual keyboard while Groove Agent is not in front.

Maybe there is a way to disable the keyboard shortcuts in Groove Agent. I don’t know.