Groove Agent pattern not recording MIDI events but keyboard is.

I have been trying to record a demo, starting with a drum track, using Groove Agent SE4 on Cubase Artist 9

Here are the steps.

  1. Create an empty project.
  2. Add an instrument track (Groove Agent SE4) and select a kit. Choose the required pattern.
  3. Enable record on the track
  4. Click record on the Transport and get a couple of bars of metronome intro.
  5. The drum track pattern then starts playing. I can hear it and the signal is showing in the mix console. HOWEVER, no MIDI events are shown or are being recorded.
  6. If I trigger the sounds from a MIDI keyboard the MIDI events are showing and are recorded.

So why does the Groove Agent pattern not trigger the MIDI when the keyboard triggers it? I’ve done this operation a few times successfully and I’m not aware of making any changes to the configuration of my setup (though I have been forced to install the latest Windows update.)

I don’t think the instrument GUI sends MIDI back into Cubase so it can’t be recorded on the MIDI track. HALion Sonic SE is the same way I believe.
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This isn’t correct as of Version 4.1 (or 4.2?).

You now can record the Patterns playing back into Cubase but you need to select the Groove Agent SE Midi output as your input to the track you’re recording into (All MIDI Inputs doesn’t pick it up). So much better than the old way of dragging the patterns into Cubase as this way you can vary the playing dynamics in Groove Agent whilst the patterns are playing and have it all saved to your MIDI (or Instrument) track.

Good to know. Thanks!

Thank you. Now fixed!

Good to hear, thanks for confirming.