Groove Agent Patterns & Time Signature Change

Hi - putting together a drum track by drawing notes on a Groove Agent track to trigger patterns.

Most of the track is in 4/4, but there is one bar of 2/4, created this using a signature track.

Unfortunately, all of the bars after the change in Groove agent are 2 beats out. Fills start half way through and the beat counter in GA is half a bar out.

I appreciate that patterns are in certain signatures, but is there any way to resync or reset GA to go back to “1” at a new bar start in Cubase?


I have a feeling there was such a topic here in the forum already. Please, search.

Hi - thanks for that. I did search prior to posting, but being new to this I’m not sure I’m using the right terminology - this is all a bit daunting for me. I’ll have another go. Take care


I think you want to investigate Page 35 of the Groove Agent SE Operations Manual, quoting:

Restart Mode
Determines whether a pattern starts to play immediately, at the next beat, or at the next full measure.

Sync to Beat
If Sync to Beat is activated, triggering a pattern starts the pattern in sync with any other patterns that are playing. For example, if you trigger a pattern and trigger the next pattern after 3 beats, this pattern starts playing at beat 3. If Sync to Beat is deactivated, the second pattern starts from the beginning.

The only other thing I might suggest is to create a two-beat variation on a pattern and assign that to Pattern Pad/MIDI Note. Keep working with it and it will become clear. Good luck.

I think you might have it there - with any luck, the sync to beat option will sort it.

The only other thing I could think of was to put a blank 2/4 measure in and use an arranger track to skip it, effectively going from parts A to C. That might pull GA back in time.

Thanks for your time - I’ve since done another search, but through the four pages of “Groove Agent Signature” I found a couple of people with the same issue, but no resolutions.

I’m not sure if the Arrange Track solution will work or not, but If try that and it works, please post about it. I often start projects on Measure Nine (4/4 time) so as to have an eight measure pattern begin on beat one, however this is one of the tricky aspects of GA. For the 2/4 bar, you might also consider dragging the pattern to the track, however, that will still require you to use the Beat Sync option so the next pattern starts on beat one. Anyway, good luck with this. I love the instrument but it is a bit complex and takes time to get to know it. Time well spent, imho. Good luck. :slight_smile: