Groove Agent plays pattern instead of a sample now.

Hi. I am using Cubase AI and was using Groove Agent last night using the laptop keys as midi controller to play back individual sounds and record in an instrument track. Today when I try to do it, Groove Agent plays back a whole pattern when I press a key. Ive looked in the manual and online but cant find a solution, I’m sure its very simple to do.

Probably this?

You probably used a key command to switch this mode? Take a look under Global > Key Commands to see how they are setup and optionally set your own.

No its actually set on instrument. I may have found a solution though. If I go to the edit section on the right, select sample, then change the settings from “one shot” to “no loop” it seems to fix the problem.

I just tried it again. Still not working. Hopefully when I get a midi controller rather than using the keyboard on my laptop - should solve the problem. Thanks anyways. If anyone else has any clues I would love to know how to fix this… Cheers.

Which preset are you using? All of them have MIDI grooves mapped to the keys just below the solo drum hits.

Check which channel you have set up to play the patterns.

If it’s the same as for playing the pads or “OMNI” then you’ll get both a hit and a pattern. The setting is made from the thing that looks a bit like a classic MIDI plug at the bottom left of Nickeldome’s picture of the Pattern screen.

Thanks guys and gals. I still cant get it to record individual drum samples with the laptop keyboard as a midi controller. I will wait until Friday when I get a proper midi controller and drum machine as well as Cubase Elements. I watched a great tutorial where the guy showed me how to transfer patterns to instrument tracks so I’m going to work with it like that and build a song I can edit while I’m still studying how to use this beast. Thanks for all your help.

I think you’re just in the wrong octave and triggering patterns rather than the individual pads.

Check under “Patterns” and make sure you are not playing notes on the keyboard that are assigned to play a loaded pattern. I don’t use the computer keyboard for note input, but I know there’s a slider for it to change octaves.

Make sure you’re using Instrument input and not Pattern Input on the track inspector.

…and Stephen also raise a good point.
The patterns are by default put on the lower keys so that you can have a keyboard with both patterns and individual hits. Alternatively, as I mentioned, you can have the patterns on a different MIDI channel from the hits (useful if you’ve loaded a lot of patterns).