Groove Agent question

I don’t think there’s much of a misunderstanding. To me, it’s fairly simple. If someone asks for help in a forum and you have information that could help, it’s certainly your choice whether or not you post some assistance. You might think to yourself “Jeez, this guy should read the manual-it’s right there!”…in which case you might not want to post.
Okay, that’s fair enough.

What strikes me as ridiculous is posting the equivalent of “read the manual” when someone has indicated they have put some effort into figuring out the problem on their own. If you then post “read the manual”, you’re just being rude and completely unhelpful.

Actually, I’ll go past that-I think “read the manual” is always a totally unnecessary posting in a help-based forum. If that’s the way you feel, don’t bother posting!

As for “shake hands and forget it”, I already offered that, to which Mr. Mitten replied with childish personal insults.

Thanks :sunglasses:

Brilliant! Thanks Weasel!

Its nice to see something positive coming out of this thread :slight_smile:


For that matter, if it was only a matter of, say, snare replacement, you could load two instances of GAO, program on one track, duplicate the track, cut the snares from the first, cut everything but snares from the second, and just change kits on the second til you’re happy with the snare.

Still, sort of a dumb solution in this day and age.

If you watch the video fully then you will see exactly how to load sound from the media bay, the reason i mentioned maps is that many people over look them or don’t see the relevance of them until they come to use BD or the drum editor, i’ve done it myself in the past which makes using the drum editor a total nightmare where nothing is named correctly and your sounds are in a seemingly random order in there… initially spending 5-10 mins on a drum map can save many times that amount of time over the entire project… it makes things so much easier :smiley:

I never use the preset GAO kits… i always create my own from scratch as i’ve not found any of the kits that i like, plus if you’re only using a dozen or so sounds (MANY people don’t even use this many) it saves a minuscule amount of resources.
To clear a pad, iirc, just click on the ‘voice’ button under ‘Pad Edit’ and drag the cell containing the sample name to the little rubbish bin in the top right hand corner.

Hopefully that helps!


As long as you’re on this DrumMap tangent, I thought I’d pass this bit of info along to anyone interested in supplementing GAO. Steinberg posted a fairly complete set of DrumMaps for GAO…found here:

…just sayin’…

Hello !

If people don’t go back to the original question and carry on arguing instead, I’ll have to close the thread ! Please, no more insults.

Hi Mat-yeah, I saw the clearing function. It doesn’t solve the easy searching and loading problem, unfortunately, but thanks for your response.

I actually like some of the included sounds-hence the annoyance. Obviously there are workarounds, but the functionality would be much better if GAO acted like a typical drum machine. Ah well.