Groove Agent question

I’ve just starting messing with GA, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to find and assign different sounds to the pads. For example-say I load a kit and I like everything but the kick. Is there no easy way to control click the pad( or whatever key command) and have the library of GA kicks come up for replacement?

Help-Documentation-Plugin Manual-Included VSTs-GA1 :wink:

Thanks a bunch for your “help”. I’ve been a professional musician for 30 years, and yes, I already RTFM. I also Googled and You-Tubed. I’m sure I could have MISSED the answer to my question, but I generally post to get a little assistance, not a suggestion to RTFM, which is an patronizing and unecessary response to pros and newbies alike.
If that’s your response, why bother posting at all?

Btw , I’m not talking about the cumbersome “drag from Media Bay” baloney. If that’s what it is, I’ll go back to Battery, which, as arcane as its GUI is, still manages to let you swap out sounds from its included library with relative ease.

On the other hand, perhaps you just didn’t know the answer.


That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Right click and access the GAO sample library…like the way Hypersonic worked.

But you can’t. It’s a proprietary library and inaccessible from either the app itself or via the MediaBay/SoundBrowser. Your only recourse to do exactly what you want (freely browse all available GAO samples and load as needed) is to individually resample every one of GAO preset kit’s drums, name the samples and park them in a folder…and finally, smarten up MediaBay as to the location of this folder, because GAO doesn’t support universal drag and drop. GAO will only accept drag and drop from within Cubase itself (MediaBay, Project Window…etc).

What really burns me is that you can’t even drag pads from one instance of GAO to another…in spite of the fact that the GUI gives you the impression that it can: drag a pad from one instance of GAO to another, hover over the blank pad and you get the “circle/+” or copy cursor. But nothing happens.

It is what it is, Larry, a simple scratchpad plug-in without much thought into creating custom kits easily. You need to spend money on something like Battery and others of its ilk to get that kind of simplicity for creating custom kits within the application internally or externally.

I tried figuring out how to do that too and ended up giving up and sticking with Battery…

I’ve noticed there seems to be a lack of real in depth/power user type videos for Cubase like there is with other DAWs like Logic and Live…

Thanks for an actual ANSWER, Weasel. I suspected as much after trying every avenue I could to simply access the available snare samples from a snare-assigned pad-no go. I actually like the sounds in GAO-weird that this tiny bit of functionality isn’t included-it would turn the “scratchpad” into a full on drum machine for me, and I would use it pretty extensively. Battery’s arcane GUI frags me, and GAO (which I had ignored for a good bit) seemed like a viable option. I hope Steinberg increases its functionality sometime soon.

The only reason I referenced the manual is because it’s copy protected so you can’t copy and paste excerpts. If you’d have said you read it, I wouldn’t have posted at all Mr. Professional. If you are so professional, you should know all the answers without having to look anything up. If after reading the manual, Google and YT you still didn’t get what they said, maybe you should give it all up, it’s above your head and below your knees.

Do you pull these tantrums and throw your toys out of the pram with everyone? I’ll bet it’s a lonely life. :laughing:

As I said-you didn’t know the answer, so you posted a know-nothing “RTFM”. There’s nothing copy protected about posting a specific link(which you didn’t because you knew nothing about the subject-but now you do! Look at the knowledge you have gained in a short time…cool, huh?)

I’m sure you’re a real boon to the dozens of forums you troll, offering no assistance whilst trying to appear knowledgable. Enjoy your inane existence.

Yep, you must be from NYC. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Must be hard walking around with your head up there. :wink:

Yes. Here, if we’re asked for help and we actually know something, we try to help.
I’m not sure where you’re from, but obviously there is a different philosophy there.

Btw, did you ever actually figure out that the answer to my question was “sadly, it isn’t possible to do what you want to at present”, or are you still looking for it in the manual (where there is nothing about it)?

Perhaps we could end this in a civil manner. You agree that perhaps your chuckle and suggestion that i read the manual was wrongheaded and patronizing, and I’ll accept your apology and drop it?

I knew the answer from reading the manual the first time, skippy. You’re the one with no reading comprehension. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Professional musician, my a55. Your attitude shows you’re pro at nothing except emptying the pram of toys. Maybe on the kazoo. LMAO. Funny how brave some are behind a computer screen. :wink:

I see civility, or at the least common courtesy, is foreign to you. I’ll give up here. Good luck surviving your extended adolescence. Have a LOL on me.

Mr. Mitten:

I just stopped into the forum and saw this thread had gotten some traction. So I thought I’d take a peek.

What a surprise to find out how it has developed. Do you realize what an indefensible position you are arguing from? Are you aware of how hostile and inappropriate your tone is? I sincerely recommend that you step back and dial down the insults.

Really. Dial it down.

i did this some while ago which you might find handy!
If you’re getting into midi drum programing then don’t skip the section on drum maps… yeah it’s a bit tedious at first but saves you HOURS once you get started.

Read through it again, you obviously missed something. :wink: Mr. Professional is the one who got hostile just because I pointed to the section of the manual where the answer was. :sunglasses:

@mashedmitten NYC did not insult you personally or professionally in his first reply to you, your replies were insulting and personal. Could you kindly tone it down? thanks.

Give me a break, how is this first reply to mashedmittens not irritational, sarcastic and provocative, i.e. insulting and personal.

BOTH of them need to shake hands and forget all about it. Not ones fault when two argue.

If you’re getting into midi drum programing then don’t skip the section on drum maps… yeah it’s a bit tedious at first but saves you HOURS once you get started


At first I was going to write and say something like…“yes, all well and good….but DrumMap creation really doesn’t address Larry’s question in his original post”. But then I had an amusing thought on how to use DrumMaps to act as a bizarre solution to at least some of Larry’s question.

Here’s what I mean:

For the sake of experimenting, just install 2 or 3 instances of GAO into the VST Instrument Rack (this will not work if you use Instrument Tracks) and assign each instance to a different kit Preset.

• Create an associated MIDI Track to access the racked VSTi’s and open a DrumMap on it.

• (for starts) In the DrumMap, select the C-36 “track” (typically where Kicks are assigned).

• Scroll over to the Output column, rightclick to reveal that all 3 instances of GAO are available.

  • By playing C-36 on your MIDI controller, reassign the DrumMap Output selection….the kick will play from the different kits as you change selections. And of course, this will work across every key available.

This means you can have any number of instances of GAO running and pick and choose which drum pad will respond to your controller from a single MIDI track. Once the DrumMap’s outputs of choice have been assigned, you can play/record across any number of GAO kits from this single DrumMapped MIDI track.

The reality check is that this exercise is logistically nightmarish, time consuming, real-estate and CPU intensive at best. But it actually works.

Much better if Steinberg provided access to the samples or at the very least, provided pad drag and drop between two instances of GAO.

Give me a break, how is this first reply to mashedmittens not irritational, sarcastic and provocative, i.e. insulting and personal.

There is nothing irrational or provocative in Larry’s initial response. The only thing that approaches sarcastic would be the quote marks around the word: “help”.

Larry didn’t ratchet this up to the inappropriate insult level. I don’t believe he needs to apologize for anything.

Hold your ego’s guys. All’s just a misunderstanding played out by the ego (who loves this).

Shake hands and :laughing: about it!

If mash would’ve known Larry from the Mac forum he wouldn’t have replied this way, I’m certain.

Please don’t feel offended guys…just wanted to say this.