Groove Agent Question

I’m using Cubase Elements 8 with Groove Agent SE4. I can’t get Groove Agent to record to a track. I added instrument track, selected Groove Agent and set to All Midi Inputs. I selected a preset and previewed it, enabled record, then pressed record and nothing was recorded to the track. Also tried it by creating a midi track. Not sure what step I’m missing. Watched some tutorials, but I still couldn’t figure it out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you are proceeding correctly.

How are you triggering the sounds of groove agent?
Do you see meter activity on the instrument track when you are in record and play notes on your MIDI keyboard?

I tried using my midi controller and computer keyboard. I hear the sounds and see meter activity, but nothing will record. Everything works with Halion Sonic and Prologue, but not GA. GA works if I drag a beat to the track, but I want to create and record my own patterns. Thanks Stingray.

I finally got it working. problem resolved. Thanks

How did you acivate your Computer Keyboard as a Midi input for Helion? I managed to open de keyboard screen in the control screen, but when i press notes on my computer keyboard, there is no sound. Do you have to assign sound to your PC keyboard?