Groove Agent + REX = Wonderful

I was watching a tutorial video where the presenter dragged a REX2 file into ESX24 (the Logic sampler). It looked insanely simple, but I’m using Cubase, it doesn’t have ESX24.
My initial inclination was to try to duplicate the workflow with the samplers I have available.
I made a test project and dragged a REX file into Kontakt, that worked OK for the samples, but dragging the MIDI into the project screwed up the groove. I tried using Halion, after an hour trying to read the manual, I gave up, I’m sure it’s possible there, but it’s complicated.
That left me with two choices, StylusRMX or Groove Agent.
I know Stylus handles REX files, but I wanted to see if Groove Agent would work, I’ve been buying it for years, but I haven’t really used it in my tracks.
It turns out that Groove Agent may be the fastest and easiest way to use REX files, bar none.

  1. Drag the REX file to the first pad.
  2. Switch to pattern and drag the first pad to the instrument track.
  3. Tweak away.

I think Groove Agent is going to be my goto tool for REX files for the forseeable future.

Hi Tom,

good choise!