Groove Agent SE 4.2.40 Behaving Strangely on Win10

My GASE4 has recently started misbehaving. When I click the Edit, Mixer, and/or Options buttons, the edit window underneath doesn’t switch to the corresponding settings. In other words, I still see the Edit page underneath even when I click Mixer or Options. Or if I can see the Mixer page and click Edit, I still see the Mixer page. Sometimes the two pages will get merged together. (See attached, Edit and Mixer pages overlapping.) The workaround is to click on the edit page to reveal the page that corresponds to the Edit, Mixer, or Options buttons.

This computer has Windows 10 1803, and uses Intel graphics with most current drivers.

I tried an uninstall/reinstall, but to no avail. Has anyone had this happen and if so, did you find a fix?



Hi MattLTH,

please read both comments from Jan Riesener in the following thread:

Hope this helps

Thanks, Cubender (and Jan). That did the trick!

All my best,


GAse4 was fine for a while, now in LE9.5 it doesn’t show up at all. When I launch artist 7.5, it’s in the instruments list but loading it does nothing. The power option didn’t work for me.