Groove Agent SE 4 Loading Samples

Hi there,

Is there a way to step through samples in a folder using a pad in Groove Agent SE 4? Something like Previous or Next sample?

This would be awesome. :slight_smile:

Closest thing to this would be to right click here and choose “Replace Sample”.

I believe those are features exclusive to Battery 4 or Maschine. :smiley:

on the topic of gase4 , are there really no pad specific effects besides the filters? Every time i reach for an EQ or a compressor I note that there is only one fx stream which applies to the whole master out. If its a no, I’ll have to stick to what I had earlier…

Many thanks for your answers! Anyway, this is bad news :frowning: . I recently stumbled over “Impact”, the on board drum sampler in Presonsus Studio One, which actually does have this beloved feature since years. :confused:

Impact, Maschine, Battery, Phalanx, and many other drum samplers incorporate this feature because it just makes sense. I hope to see this in Groove Agent SE 4 soon. Quite frankly it’s because of this one missing feature that I often reach for another drum sampler over Groove Agent SE 4.

Was wondering this myself and seriously can’t believe that Steinberg haven’t bothered to add this extremely basic workflow feature to GA SE4. It annoys me with GA ONE that this is not possible and was hoping it would be with the new GA in v7.5. Seriously, I’m wondering why they have blatantly ignored this simple request lol. It would make browsing drum hit collections so much quicker and easier. Jeez.

Yep, it’s expecially a shame since Native Instruments actually significantly de-featured Battery with the 4.0 release. Battery 3 has sample replace, and also “in-kit preview” which lets you try a sample out in your active MIDI arrangement without permanently altering your kit. You can just turn on in-kit preview and click through all the samples on your hard drive while your MIDI plays, live-auditioning every sample you select, til you find the right one. They killed that feature in B4.

If the new Groove Agent had that kind of ability, I’d probably stop using Battery altogether.

EDIT: I’d even PAY for a Groove Agent with better kit building/sample browsing abilities. Everything else about it is ace.

Hi there!
Quick way to browse? Press F5 (which opens the Mediabay) then find/audition/dragdrop ur own samples into Groove Agent. Then you don’t need to use the REPLACE button. Saves loads of time and most def will improve ur workflow :wink:

IIRC (not in front of pc ATM), you can route the samples, within the pads, to any of the 4 aux channels, which contain many fx - look for the send under the sample slice (I think).

Bump! So, has Steinberg incorporated “next - previous” button to browse through samples in the Groove Agent 4 updates?

Yes i 2nd that, can we have the feature to browse samples in next / previous format in realtime

If you right click and select “replace sample”, you can preview/prelisten any new sample with the original midi pattern playing

Hmm, will have to see if I can “replace” it with a sample from a different kit, which is what I’ve been trying to figure out lately. Thanks for the hint, fingers crossed!

In Groove Agent 4 (the full version, not SE), there’s a Load page in Instrument mode where you can browse kits in MediaBay view or samples in the Browser view.

The Browser view has an Auto Play toggle switch that plays any sample you select. While there are no next/prev buttons for samples, you can use the up/down arrow keys on your keyboard to quickly audition one sample after the other.

If the “replace focused sample” toggle button is disabled, double-clicking a sample will replace the entire sample contents of the currently selected pad with the sample you double-clicked. If the button is toggled on, double-clicking the sample will only replace the specific sample you have highlighted in the Edit tab.

It’s ALMOST as nice as Battery 3. The one thing Battery 3 does better here is it has an additional “In-Kit Preview” feature which lets you hear the selected sample playing in your kit without making any permanent kit changes.

LOL, reading this thread in 2018 and there is still no Next\Previous button.
In my case I want to replace one crash cymbal with another in Groove Agent SE 4 and I have no Idea how to do that.
In my preset I have “FC04_PK_7_Crash2_v1_AM” and I have no idea where is it located so I am just scanning whole my system for that file. So I would be able to check that location for other cymbals from other GA4SE presets.

Now I am sure that it was not a mistake to use Battery over GA4, in my daily productions, ha-ha! I guess this one software was designed to sell you stuff without a lot of opportunities do something with it. tune or edit.
Hide your property better Steinberg, or people will steal it! They care so much what you have there, lol )))