Groove Agent SE 4 Maintenance Update

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the latest update for Groove Agent SE, version 4.2.40. The update provides global performance improvements on internal audio and MIDI processing.

The improvements are most relevant for the Acoustic Agents including the expansion kits like Nashville, Simon Phillips and The Songwriter’s.

Download Groove Agent SE 4 Update

Hi Matthias,

How are you - hope all is well?

I use the full groove agent version and here you have the link for the SE version but on the website it mentions only the full version update.

So is this for both version?

Kind regards

James Colah

OK - Panic over - I see you have both links in the Groove Agent forum! (y)

I have downloaded the update file, but the installer don´t show me the options to install.
The installer runs ok but I can´t select any option because I don´t see any options.
I´m running the installer in spanish language. The last image says :“There are no operations to perform. Click Back to customize the installation or click Finish to complete the installation process.” But as you can see in the second image, there is no option to customize the instalation.
Please help, thanks

If you’re still on Cubase 7.5, this update is likely intended for the enhanced version of Groove Agent SE 4 introduced with Cubase 8, which includes a deep sampled acoustic drum kit (Acoustic Agent SE) and support for all acoustic expansions.

Thanks for your reply Romantique!!! Seems like it´s time to upgrade my Cubase.