Groove Agent SE 5.0.50 - Where is the standalone application?

So, there is a Groove Agent SE 5.0.50 update as well and the version history (incorrectly labled btw as 5.0.30) says, there is now a standalone application for SE too.
Where is it then? I used Steinberg’s Download Assistant and also downloaded the EXE itself from the web download area. Run through and there is no standalone version. Also does the installation not ask for AAX/AU format to be installed. So something went wrong I guess. Groove Agent 5 SE shows in the About information that I have 5.0.50 installed. Please check.:

From the PDF:

Groove Agent (SE) 5.0.50
The following lists all improvements in Groove Agent (SE) 5.0.30
ID # Issue
Feature Groove Agent SE 5 now provides standalone application
Feature Groove Agent SE 5 now provides AAX and AU support
General Performance improvements on macOS BigSur
GA-5027 Fixed crash under Cubase and macOS BigSur
GA-4986 Fixed AU validation crash
GA-5010 Fixed crash on starting playback after a longer pause
GA-5030 Fixed overlapping text when editing renaming kits
GA-5042 Fixed overlapping text in “Missing Samples” dialog

I don’t know about SE. But installing the full version does both the VSTi and standalone versions all in one go, no separate installation for the standalone. I’d assume something similar happens for SE.

You’ll find it on your C drive:

Program Files>Steinberg> Groove Agent >Groove Agent.exe

Leave the ‘exe’ file in the folder but create a shortcut to your desktop. Click on it and the Standalone version will open.


If that’s Steinberg’s new quality approach, well, then we may have to manually compile the code for Cubase 12 LOL
Thanks for the hint, but this can’t be the solution.

Really? Are you on a Win10 PC? It’s there, use it or not. However, if you’re waiting for Steinberg to plant it on your Desktop - before you will use it - well, OK, pull up a chair and wait.

You don’t see it in the Windows Start Menu?

Hi, no, nothing listed. :thinking:

But you do see the VSTi version?

Perhaps a checkbox for standalone wasn’t selected during installation? I’d try reinstalling, making sure to have admin privs for the task.

Actually on my main Cubase system the installation dialog does not show anything in regards to AAX and GA5 SE Standalone. I was now updating my secondary Cubase PC and there the installation dialog showed the optional Standalone and AAX checkboxes. Need to verify on my main PC what’s missing there. As a note, I downloaded a “fresh” Groove Agent SE EXE , will try the same on the other PC asap.