Groove Agent (SE) 5.2.0 maintenance update

Dear all,

we are happy to announce the availability of a new maintenance update which brings the new built-in Steinberg Mediabay Load and Save dialog into Groove Agent and solves a crash during the mixer export to Cubase.

Update best with the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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OP: “Thankyou :pray:

*Retracted 17/1/24
The update has completely broken mediabay for my and many others entire Cubase. I can no longer rescan and find new midi or audio thus rendering the browser useless for people with lots of user content.


The update is for Groove Agent SE AND Groove Agent 5 I guess ?

If you have both versions, you need to install 2 updates

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Someone advised me to keep Groove Agent SE because there are samples that are not included in Groove Agent 5. Is it true ?

Groove Agent doesn’t include any samples. That’s all extra content that goes to your Library Manager and shows up in either version.

My mistake, I wanted to say that the content of Groove Agent SE seems to be partly different from that of Groove Agent 5.

It is different, Groove Agent SE doesn’t have anywhere near the features of Groove Agent. The content for both is still installed manually. If you just install Groove Agent SE, that’s all that gets installed. The kits are all separate and should show up in either one once they’re installed.

Is this a faint glimmer of hope that Groove Agent is still alive and not forgotten by Steinberg?

I just ask, because from my view Beat Agent offers the by far best functionality and workflow of all groove tools I know out there (a ton better than NI Maschine and others!), but Steinberg seems not too aware of how good it is, looking at quite a big pause in further development and well done expansions.

The acoustic agent functionality still allows much too little configuration and sample management to compete with Toontrack and others.


I hope its not been forgotten! I’m still debating on whether I need the full version or not… GA replaced my MPC Live completely and I have no clue what else I would use if it ever disappeared. Probably just use Halion like an ‘old school’ sampler, but GA is really the best for my jungle/dnb workflow… Works almost exactly the same so it didnt require much relearning at all, and it beats the MPC because it actually saves the MIDI sequences when you chop something. If you mess with that or lose it on an MPC, the only way to get the timing back, is to rechop the break from scratch all over again.

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It’s just had a maintenance update , wouldn’t call that being forgotten about lol
Im sure there’ll be a GA 6 otherwise the Absolute collection will cease

Yeah that threw me for a loop haha. I just randomly opened the Downloader yesterday and saw the update and went WHOA NO WAY!!

I played with it for a bit before I went to bed but I forgot to check if the standalone one still crashes when you do anything in the menu bar at the top of the screen haha.

Thanks for this update! And Happy New Year!

Hi Florian
Do you plan to update regular Grove Agent ?
I have problem that was reported many times.
I have error window pop up regarding elicenser.
Why do I still need to install elicenser to run Groove Agent ???
I thought everything is using new steinberg licensing system already ???

Can this be resolved ?
I reported it many months ago.


Word of warning for Cubase 12 users. This completely messed up my sound library adding a number of libraries that I do not own with unavailable sounds. Also loading dialogue on startup, which was not present before. Please resolve Steinberg. As Groove Agent 5 Full owner, I do not expect this. Especially given the nightmare I have had arranging this library previously. Honestly, what a mess!!?

Just to add. I am referring to the full installer, not SE. I really am not getting something here as I don’t remember any of this before. I have all of the essentials bundles listed (which I do not own), though don’t recall downloading these at all. Until updating none of these appeared, though surely can’t be contained in the installer. Completely baffled.

Downgraded and it seems to have resolved the issue (hopefully), but I still have a number of banks in my GA library and will need to meticulously delete these without breaking what I had before. Colliding Worlds, Neuro Mindset, Future Electronica, Metronomic Cinema? Are these included in Cubase 13?

This is what appeared when I opened the 5.2.0 update, but I don’t own some of these expansions and all of the sounds had the red minus on them.

I have the same problem

This makes me very nervous about even visiting the Download Assistant now , i had my reservations that ive made very clear about being forced to install something that might not be compatible with some systems and …It appears even the first update of something after the total balls up of C13 can’t be trusted .

Same issue and if i scroll down the list there’s about 20 kits that are no go as well .
And NO i never installed any other content