Groove Agent (SE) 5.2.10 maintenance update

thanks will try.

anyone happen to have a link to offical steinberg how to do fresh install on their products on Mac?

the product i have on this daw are Cubase 10 pro, GA full, and then all the other SE type products can come with Cubase 10 pro. I mostly use Padshop and Halion SE. Does this entail trashing everything and having the download agent re-install everything ?

I finally managed to find time to fix it. I basically remove GA as well as any content and whatever else was part of GA and reinstalled.

  • I went into steinberg activation manager and deactivated GA and all expansions
  • i went into steinberg library manager and remove and trashed all GA content and expansions
  • i went into steinberg download assistant and removed and trashed all GA content.
  • i went into terminal and i searched for any GA folders and deleted them.
  • rebooted system
  • redownloaded all GA and content and expansions
  • re-activated

Now GA behaves the same in both DAWs


That’s a lot of bother, but glad you got it sorted!

Just want to throw out a positive comment to say this maintenance update fixed all of my prior documented problems as intended. I appreciate the team’s effort here and look forward to seeing where y’all take Groove Agent in the future.