Groove Agent SE 5 Instruments Available but missing samples

I received Cubase AI with a UR22C I purchased.
I downloaded and installed Groove Agent SE5. It opens and I can see a Beat Agent Kit 1 icon appear. On the right I can also view a whole bunch of patterns and styles (no kits).

I can drag any instrument to the 16 pads but I see no sample waveform and I get a red icon warning “Find Missing Samples”.

I open that and point to C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound as there are a whole bunch of .vstsound files there. Click start serach and it does not find the samples.

If I open Steinberg Library manager and go to that same location, it says that “No action was performed! The corresponding VST sounds are elready registered”. However, the libray manger is complete empty.

This is driving me mad. I’ve spent two days on this so far.

Any tips anyone please :frowning: