Groove Agent SE - convert/reference audio without copying?

I have all of my samples on a separate server located on my local network. I have been trying to create a library with various audio files loaded into Groove Agent, for quick access to my sample collection and the ability to change samples on the fly by simply changing the note played. I run my projects at 48khz, but most, if not all of the samples are 44.1khz. In order for me to use these files in 48khz, they require being copied over to the project directory, meaning file usage on my local machine. I do not want this, as I want to keep all of the audio on the server, unless imported/created in the project manually.

Is there a way to have Groove Agent convert audio internally or some other method to where I can reference the audio without having to copy it over?


You can setup Cubase so that it will not ask you, of you want to resample and it will do it automatically. But even then the resampled filled will end up in the Project/Audio folder.

You can set it up that the files will not be resampled, but then you change the skins and this is probably more wanted.

Therefore I would recommend to use a 3rd party tool to batch resample all your source samples on the network drive.