Groove Agent SE doesn't work in Cubase 12

Hi guys!

I’ve been demoing Cubase 12 for a few weeks now. I’m on 12.0.20. Today I wanted to open a Cubase 11 project that had a GA SE track and Cubase reported GA SE as missing, even though it is in the vst list. I tried creating a new project in 12 but for some reason, GA SE doesn’t work. I recorded a video of the issue. GA SE is 5.1.0. and works fine in Cubase 11. I’m on MacOS 11.6.1.

@Jan_Riesener Sorry, I’m tagging you to make sure someone from Steinberg sees this.

Mine works. Maybe reinstall it in the Steinberg download center

I updated Cubase to the latest version and GA now works fine.