Groove Agent SE Expansion Packs

I just bought two expansion packs for Groove Agent SE5 (Funk Essentials & Modern Jazz Essentials). Installed them with the Download manager.Opened a new project in Cubase, loaded GA, opened the side panel and… no expansion packs are seen. Seems to be a problem familiar to so many others. Opened Steinberg Library Manager and there they are. Followed the pathway on the Mac to the Steinberg/Groove Agent/VST Sound folder and there they are. The VST sound files are in situ, default file opener in the Library Manager. Yet in Groove Agent… they’re nowhere to be seen. What magic trick do I have to perform to get them to appear and work in GA? thanks in advance…

Hi Quoll,

Please reset your program preferences by generating a new preferences folder.
In order to do so you must rename the folder mentioned below. Note that since Mac OS X 10.7.x the user library is hidden. To access it, please click on the “Go” menu in the menu bar of the Finder. When the “Go” drop down menu appears, you need to press and hold the key “alt” on your keyboard which adds the “Library” entry to the menu.

Now please rename

“/Users//Library/Preferences/Groove Agent SE”
“/Users//Library/Preferences/x_Groove Agent SE”

Important: If you find folders of previous program versions, make sure to hide or remove them too.