Groove Agent SE freezes

I have these long freezes when working with the GA SE4 on Cubase 9.5. Windows 7.
Does anybody experience such a bug?
It happens when I creat my own presets with my own loaded samples.
The Same project, when opened on 9.03 works fluidly, that’s why I guess it’s a9.5 bug.

I’ve encountered a different but quite annoying of bug in GA SE under 9.5 (I am currently on 9.5.10, just downloaded the .21 update to see if this improves).

While just using the presets, I try to re-map the outputs, I first enable the additional outputs in the inspector window, and then go to GA, and try to set the outputs of the various drum pads to various outputs (so that each drum pad would get a different channel for mixing)

8 out of 10 instances, I get a general Cubase error message saying a serious problem has occured and I should save my work.

I’ve tried restarting/rebooting several times, nothing happened.