Groove Agent SE has a too low volume

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I’m using Groove Agent SE for drums written in MIDI with assigned samples. I have put each drum instrument (BD, SnD, Toms, HH, Rd, CrshCymb etc.) in different MIDI tracks. And I try to get enough volume for each one, but even with max volumes the drums always sound with insufficient volume compared to the rest of my audio and other MIDI tracks. I’ve also assigned each Groove Agent SE pad to a different Bus in it and have high volumes there too. And I have set the velocities to almost max (wit slight variations of course). Still the Drums are with insufficient volume. Any idea about what’s the hic here and how in the solar system I could make my drum tracks sound well enough ? Or would it be wise to export each MIDI track as Audio and then handle them better as audio ?
Thanks a considerable bunch for any feedback !

that depends highly on the velocity settings and the sounds used

Yes, I know and I’ve set the velocities almost to max too (with slight variations of course).

So… what is your problem then? The rest is mixing…
What sounds do you use?

I’m using ThatSound and DrumWerks sounds.
The thing is that even when I lower all the other instrument tracks, the drums still sound insufficiently loud, while their volumes hit the red.

Check the bus level faders in the mixer tab of Groove Agent.

If those are at default or higher and it’s still too soft, you might gain stage it up a bit with the Cubase Mixer.

Still not hot enough? You might drop a Maximizer VST effect into an insert slot on the Cubase Mixer.

Thanks, the first two I have done. I tried Maximizer but it destroys the sound. For the moment I test with tweaking the EQs for each drum instrument.

Finally, I find an ultimate solution within Groove Agent, under the Edit tab and in the Amp tab, I can change the Volume of each Pad ! That seems to work for the moment. Let me inform you guys, MIDI is a jungle made by evil forces ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thank you all for your feedback !

That indicates that you described your problem insufficient…
Where does it hit the red? MIDI channel? that has nothing to say…

Insert VST Dynamics in a ‘Post’ slot and use the compressor to tweak the sound up - works for me

if something is wrong with it’s setup he will always struggle with it
so first we should make sure everything works as expected

Ok, do tell because I’m up for any useful advice on these matters.

Could you render in place then up the audio gain?

HJi guys, I’ve been too busy the last days, so didn’t have time for this. But the problem with Groove Agent SE volumes still persists. Today and tomorrow I will check all what is suggested here and will give feedback.