Groove Agent SE how can I copy pattern to track?

Hi - I’ve started playing around with Cubase 7.5’s Groove Agent SE and I must say I like it - better than the previous version imo as it has built-in patterns as well as responding to Beat Designer. But is it possible to copy drum grooves to the sequencer track? I mean when not using Beat Designer and you’ve found a nice groove and you want to use it in a track - how is this done (can’t find anything in the manual). Or am I trying to fit a round peg in a square hole? :confused:

Maybe you haven’t realised that Groove Agent SE has it’s own manual as it’s not hard to find in there…but anyhow on the pattern player page drag from the midi icon to the right of the pattern selection drop down.

Wow, thanks, that’s genius! I guess I just didn’t see it there and skipped over it in the manual, but it works brilliantly. This is a very good addition methinks :smiley: