Groove Agent SE - one of the patterns does not equal exactly 2 measures. So frustrating!

So I choose the Groove 2 pattern for Instrument Ambience Kit 01 as an intro to my song. It sounds great! The only problem is:

The pattern does not equal exactly 4 or 5 measures. This means that I have to follow the track at 4.6 or so. Which means that every time I want to add a drumbeat - and a corresponding track - I have to spend too much time stringing them together.

There must be a better way to do this! Any ideas? Is there a way I can change the bar that marks time at the top? (sorry, i don’t know how to say this correctly)

Oh wait. When I play the metronome, it counts exactly 8 beats. This makes 2 measures in 4/4 time!

How can I get the bars to reflect the beats of the metronome? I have no idea what this ruler measures…

You’ve got your main timeline set to minutes & seconds, not bars & beats

I tried switching the measurements, but this is what appeared every time…

Maybe i was doing this wrong?

Please right click the ruler at the top of the window and set it to Bars+Beats. The Groove 2 pattern from Ambience Kit 01 should be 2 bars long, like expected.

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aw man, i am blind. such an easy solution ;p