Groove Agent SE presets in "Rock pop toolbox" loops pack don't load


I’ve just noticed that the midi file presets for Groove Agent SE in “rock pop toolbox” (loops sounds pack include with Cubase 12 Pro) don’t work anymore.
If I try to preview a preset I haven’t any sound and if I try to load a preset it ask for a project folder (see picture bellow) and just load tracks with SYSEX / MIDI messages.
My Cubase 12 Pro is up to date .

Someone could tell me why these presets don’t load and why I can’t even preview them ?
Why this box dial when I try to load a preset ?

Please use the MIDI loops from this content set instead of the MIDI files, I believe these MIDI files may have been included by mistake.

The “29 Min Jupiter - Verse B” file in your screenshot is identical to the “29 Min Jupiter-Drums-Verse B” MIDI loop. The MIDI loop loads Groove Agent SE 5 correctly, with the appropriate drumkit.

Thanks for your answer !
You’re right : I can find this preset directly in Groove Agent SE and it works.
If I open a Groove Agent instrument track before, then I can preview correctly the preset using the media bay (like in the picture). I just have to select the Groove Agent midi out.
But these midi files have not been included by mistake : some time ago it was working properly without me having to adjust anything.

And when I load the midi file from the media bay, it loads the midi file + Sysex data track.
This track should not appear : it should just be used to load Groove agent and the corresponding datas.