Groove Agent SE Problems

Nvmnd downloading!

No idea how to use Procdump…Seems pretty complicated. Are there specific instructions you could give me? Downloaded and ran the installer for the 64bit version.

here is a dmp file I made…wasn’t able to figure out procdump but made through task manager…


Dropbox is involved in the crash and at the end, it crashed in ntdll. Any Steinberg product is not in the crashed stackt at all.

Do you save the project on Dropbox?

That was a dmp file I created with tskmanager so it probably isn’t working. I can’t figure out how to use Procdump. I don’t save any projects on Dropbox…I only use it for mixes for clients. I opened the Cubase 10.0.15 project with GrooveAgent, it stopped working when it tried to load groove agent…like it has for a few years now (ever since version 8.5 I believe…I then followed some microsoft directions to create the file I sent you which must not be monitoring Cubase. I’ve trashed prefs, uninstalled all other versions of Cubase that were on my machine all with no luck! Another oddity is that projects containing Groove Agent One SE open just fine…UGH


Do you use the Dropbox application? Or do you upload via web-interface? The Dropbox is somehow involved. I’m thinking, if the Dropbox disc could be scanned on your system, or something like this.

Here is a link to my entire crash folder…most of these I would think would be because of Groove Agent. Especially the ones that are close together…I probably tried multiple times to open before having to drag the project to an external drive, open on the macbook, export the groove agent track as audio, remove groove agent from the project, save it, transfer it back to my PC daw, and finally be able to open it…Not sure why Cubase doesn’t register the crashes in 2019. I’ve crashed it over and over by trying to open a project with Groove Agent in it and it does the old “Cubase has stopped working” every time yet never generates a crash dump…

I have the dropbox app but have it switched off and usually just upload tracks via chrome directly to my account. One of my engineers sometimes turns on the sync feature to retrieve things from his system. The Groove Agent issue however greatly predated my having the Dropbox App. I only recently added the app in the last 6 months. The no Groove Agent allowed on Cubase projects has been in effect for nearly two years now…


Could you attach some other crash dump files, please?

I sent you a link above to my entire crash folder… I can try and use procdump if you can give some instruction but can’t seem to find very good instruction online.


I was thinking, if you could provide a crashlogs with Dropbox switched off, or uninstalled.

I’m sorry, I’m not Windows user, I don’t know, how to get other log.