Groove Agent SE Problems

Hey all! Maybe this has been addressed but I can’t seem to find it…For the last three versions of Cubase (8,9 and 10), any time I use an instance of Groove Agent, after saving and closing the project, when I go to reopen it…(sometimes later that day, sometimes in a month or so) Cubase crashes when loading GA during the project loading. It will not open in safe mode. My only work around has been to stop using GA. (kind of a bummer) When I have to open a project that uses Groove Agent…I have to open it on my macbook after transferring to another drive, bounce groove agent to audio, remove it from the project, save it, transfer the project back to my studio computer and then get back to work! Ridiculous! I have been using Cubase since Cubase 5. My current DAW build is a Windows 7 64bit machine with 16G of ram. Everything else seems to work great! Just no Groove Agent for the last few years. I was hoping that 10 would clear this up but it’s still a thing. I was able to open the project today in Cubase 9 without switching computers and bounce the audio and take off Groove Agent, resave, then open in 10 and keep working, but normally no versions open if Groove Agent is involved. Hope someone can help or back to just not using Groove Agent, which is a shame as I like using it!




Could you attach a crash file located in the macOS Console utility, please?

Could you try to trash Groove Agent SE preferences?

It opens fine on the MacBook just not my main DAW which is a PC. If you can tell me where the the crash files are located for Windows 7 I would gladly send! I will look into trashing Groove Agent preferences. I tried safe mode as stated which I thought did a similar thing but maybe it doesn’t. Thought I choose to bypass all prefs when I did that…It has been acting up since going from Cubase 8 to 9. I was hoping 10 would change it. Thanks. I’ll try and find the crash files for Windows!



The crashes dump files are located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dump folder.

Here are the newest two I could find! Strange that it doesn’t show any from last week as I tried 4 or 5 times to open the project and it did the usual “Cubase has stopped working” right when it gets to loading Groove Agent. The results should be the same though as this is literally the only time it crashes for me! Thanks so much for looking and let me know if there is anything else I can get you!

Cubase 64bit 2018.11.20 21.36.dmp (659 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.20 21.38.dmp (575 KB)

So were the crash dumps no help? Want me to create some new ones?


You are using Cubase 10.0.5. Update to the latest CUbase 10.0.15. If CUbase is still crashing, atach a new crash dumps from 10.0.15, please.

I am using the newest version 10.0.15, but must have disabled crash dumps…I can repeat it but it’s not logging the new crashes. Where is that preference at? Those were from November 2018…same issue though. Groove Agent has been crashing Cubase for me for the the last two years…but only on PC. Not Mac…


There is no preferences to enable or disable writing of crash dumps. That’s very interesting actually.

I will report to Steinberg.


If I trash preferences for Cubase10_64 and GrooveAgent SE_64 a project with Groove Agent will open the first time I try…Then when I close and try and re open, it won’t and crashes during the load with the “Cubase 10 has stopped working window”. It doesn’t make a crash dump however and the only way to open the project again is to trash the preferences.


Do you have a previous Cubase preferences folders? If yes, could you try to rename the older Cubase preferences folder, please?

Could you attach the Cubase preferences folder (ZIP it), after you

  • trash preferences
  • start Cubase
  • quit Cubase.
    (So the new preferences are created.)

I had Cubase 9 and 9.5 installed on this machine. I have removed them both and removed their preferences folders. I will send the updated 10_64 preference folder tonight when I get a chance. Thank you Martin!

here is the pref folder after trashing prefs…opening cubase…then closing.
Cubase (1.39 MB)

Just tried to send you the Preference folder after opening a groove agent project (which opened after trashing preferences), closed it, tried to reopen and same old crash! It said the folder was to large (even zipped) to send…So opening the project must have grown the preference folder substantially?


ZIP the preferences file and share a Dropbox (or similar service) link, please.

While Quit, Cubase always overwrites its preferences (most of them). But it shouldn’t grow significantly.


Thank you for all detailed information and attachments. I just reported it to Steinberg CAN-21940.


Could you try to use Microsoft ProcDump utility, to generate DMP file even though Cubase doesn’t do it, please?

Just seeing this sorry! Not familiar with procdump utility? Is that built in or do I need to download it?