Groove Agent SE Questions...

Sorry for the X-post but no replies to two basic questions in the VST forum. Perhaps no traffic?

  1. Can you combine kits in G/A SE (the one in C6-C7?) I mean, if I have the 808 kit, can I somehow import a snare from the ‘Headbanger’ kit onto an empty pad?

If so, what is the procedure? The video wasn’t clear to me.

2. How does one time-stretch a sample (as in Battery)? It says you can AudioWarp in the PDF but I can’t figure out how to make a sample -longer-… ie. I want to make an open-hi-hat the same pitch but take longer to ‘swoosh’.



  1. By select a different sample on the edit page. You can’t have a embedded loading window and you have to looking for your sample exploring the folders… It’s a shame, indeed… :frowning:
    Other way is by mediabay: take the sample and drag&drop from the arrange window to your desired pad.

But how do you FIND the frickin’ ‘samples’?

For example, I want to replace a sample for ‘Open Hi Hat’. The current sample is ‘HalfOpenHiHat.wav’. Fine. That implies that there are other samples like that -somewhere-.

So… WHERE ARE THEY? When you go to File Open, it offers to load ‘gak’ files and ‘vstpreset’ files.


Are they somehow ‘packaged’ so you can’t pick out individual samples from each kit?


PS: This may be the reason I almost -never- use Steinberg ‘content’. It’s always ‘somewhere else’. I try to meticulously load ALL my sample libs in the same place so I know where to look, but for some reason, -everything- with SB just wants to go where -it- wants to go. There should be an unspoken agreement amongst all content providers to put the content in ONE place where the user wants it.


Hi There All

Totally agree about this one, it is one of “Battery’s” tricks that I really like,however!!!. The way I dealt with it in Groove Agent is to find the sample I want in another kit, copy it, load the kit I want to copy to, and paste the sample to the required cell. It’s painful but does work. I have a feeling this is going to change in C8 or if they offer a version of GA with a slightly advanced feature set,just surmising here.

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Copy it from -where-? How do you copy the sample from the source kit in the first place? Is there a ‘Copy this sample’ function?


One thing that used to wind me up with groove agent was the fact that you could not copy the pad with its layered samples and settings from one kit to another.
When I upgraded to 7.5 which included the new groove agent this was put right. Pad cut, copy and paste… much better.

Hi Suntower

I think you can only copy the actual pad with all it’s samples, it’s a “right click”, HOWEVER low and behold there is now Groove Agent 4 which I think has everything you are asking for, unfortunately it’s a paid upgrade but it seems pretty comprehensive, I have downloaded my copy, or nearly as the “part 4 has failed” so I’ll know soon.

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Like in GA One you can drag the samples from one instance to another instance, eg. open ‘808 Kit’ in instance one and ‘Headbanger Kit’ in instance two, then drag sounds between the two instances (pad to pad).