Groove Agent SE with Dorico 5

I downloaded Groove Agent SE with the 30gb of sound content but I cannot use it within the newly installed Dorico 5.
Having installed the FCP_SMT files to an external ssd hard drive how would I get Groove Agent SE working with Dorico 5 after updating from Dorico on macOS Monterey 12…4


Groove Agent SE’s content is only 3GB, not 30GB. Make sure you install the content files using Steinberg Library Manager rather than by simply moving the files around on your computer – if you move the files to different locations, the plug-in won’t know how to find them.

I do not seem to be able to use the Steinberg Download Manager to install the content as it is not responding even after an update.
Also looked within the Steinberg Library Manager under the Groove Agent tab and see Factory Groove Agent Factory Content 7.70GB and two other libraries IE Raw Power and
The Kit.
How can I get these libraries to show in Dorico 5 if the files are not installed correctly or in the right locations for the plug-in to find them.


That sounds like the content for the full Groove Agent plug-in, not Groove Agent SE. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to download the Groove Agent SE content except via Steinberg Download Assistant, so I’m not sure what to suggest at this stage – you may need to raise a support request (I can’t help with every single link in the chain, I’m afraid, especially in the immediate aftermath of a release when thousands of users are all seeking support at the same time – sorry!).

As @dspreadbury suggested, those files are part of the full Groove Agent, not the Groove Agent SE that is bundled with Dorico 5 and some other Steinberg products.

Groove Agent SE content shows in Steinberg Library Assistant as:

  • Allen Morgan Signature Drums (1.01 GB)
  • Groove Agent ONE (180.25 MB)
  • Groove Agent SE Factory Content (225.94 MB)
  • Laser Beams (191.54 MB)
  • Production Grooves (568.27 MB)
  • The Kit SE (2.05 GB)

There’s also FCP_SMT_146_GA_Studio_Kit_Eco (around 735 MB) which, on my system with the full Groove Agent also installed, shows as part of the Groove Agent Factory Content. I don’t know how it shows on a Groove Agent SE-only system.

All other content requires additional paid licences: depending on the content it might be bundled with the full Groove Agent, bundled only with Absolute and/or require a separate expansion licence.

Hi dspreadbury, David _W,

The Steinberg download manager on my Mac M1 seems to be causing a problem.
I cannot run Dorico 5 with it installed so needed to uninstall that software. I also see that a font issue could cause Dorico 5 to not run if corrupted or not updated.

I have been able to resolve the font issue and get Dorico 5 running again but still no joy with accessing the Groove Agent SE content via the Steinberg Download Manager.


There’s really no connection between Dorico itself and Steinberg Download Assistant. I’ve never heard of any system where Dorico is unable to run, and removing Steinberg Download Assistant then allows Dorico to run. I suspect something else is going on, but I’m not sure how to find out what it might be.

If you have Dorico running, and then run Steinberg Download Assistant, what happens?

I also had all sorts of problems using the Download assistant. Most of the issue lies with its inability to move the vstsound files to where they need to go. Half the files in my case couldn’t be moved by the assistant. So if you don’t know where to put those files then all kinds of problems occur. And the library manager is absolutely no help in this regard. I ended up removing everything Steinberg related and reinstalling not using the download assistant with the minimum set of files and no content or Groove agent app (I don’t use it anyway).

But I suspect what might cause Dorico not to run is if the reverence sound files don’t get moved. These are the only vstsound files required to run Dorico. So if the Download Assistant can’t get them in the right place then it won’t run.

I have since removed the download assistant, groove agent and library manager and will not ever install them again. It’s just not worth the trouble. And I had it working at one point. But somehow it got screwed up, so I won’t be wasting my time with that install method in the future.

The REVerence impulse response sounds are installed by the Dorico installer itself, not by Steinberg Download Assistant.

Yes, but maybe whatever is causing the download assistant to not be able to move some of the content files is happening on occasion with the Dorico installer. I don’t get why some files move OK and other don’t. It seems random. Some files move fine others don’t and it’s never the same files.

I used to have problems with files that would not move and Ulf and I took the time to check this out. It was a problem with the permissions on those files. Changing those to read and write solved the problem. The library manager behaves since then as it should. Hope it helps!

I just tried again and all of the content moved correctly this time. I suspect that deleting years of installation and preference cruft is responsible for this working this time.

But I didn’t need to change any permissions anywhere.

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Apologies for not replying sooner,

Dorico 5 is running but the Steinberg Library Assistant Version 1.34.3 is not responding.

Groove Agent SE is also installed on this Mac M1 running macOS Monterey 12.4 but I have been unable to use groove agent se or find the correct location for content files.


@Clefmark, I know there’s an awful alphabet soup of Steinberg Something This and Steinberg Something That applications involved in getting our software up and running, but I think you mean Steinberg Download Assistant rather than Steinberg Library Manager.

Did you raise a support ticket as I suggested for help with getting SDA up and running on your system?