Groove Agent SE4 Drum Track (Instrument Track)

hello - i’m hoping someone can shed light on my problem. I created an Instrument Track, used GA to find a drum pattern, placed the pattern on the track. And it only plays a short bit - the length of the pattern i think (4 bars). How do i change the length (by time or measures) in the actual track so i can play a 3-4 minute song. I guess i could copy and paste the pattern X many times, change it to fills, etc. is there an alterative to changing the length of the pattern?

Thanks for any help!



Do you want to change the length of the pattern, or do you want to play it “in loop” (or multiple times) in Cubase?

If the 2nd is the option, use Ctrl+D command to Duplicate the selected event (while the pattern is selected in the Project window). Or use Ctrl+K to Repeat Events, and type the count of repeats, you want to apply.

Is this, what you are looking for?

Or hold the mouse over the middle of the right side of the pattern, find the dot and left button drag.

Thanks for the help. Duplicating the track worked fine, I can just add different fill patterns when needed, probably will make those separate track. Is there a real difference between looping the pattern and duplicating? In the context this is just to get rough drum tracks down.

I also found the dot in the lower right corner of track, moved it left but it did not lengthen pattern. Just black space, no drum sound. Maybe I did something wrong?



Yes, the hot Spot in the right-bottom corner extend the lenght of the event. This is how it should works.

hello Martin - can you show me a screen shot of what you mean? When i extended the length of the “pattern” placed into the instrument track (say a 4 bar pattern) it just created blank space, no sound. If it’s possible just to lengthen this pattern that way, i’m certainly interested!

thanks again!

Correct; but @Maincat referred to new functionality, introduced recently, whereby a ‘hotspot’ on the middle right edge of an event can be used to click-drag and make copies. Hover your mouse pointer there and you’ll find it… :slight_smile:

When you say “event” i assume that you mean the Groove Instrument track.

Haven’t found the “middle” right edge that can be used to drag and make copies. When i click the “bottom” right edge and drag it to extend the length, nothing happens, just blank space. I’ll try and take screen shot tomorrow and upload if i can’t figure it out.

all in the learning process!


This screenshot?
Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.13.16.png

i do not have that middle option, please see screen shots. Am i missing something? As you can see when i extend this pattern it’s just blank.

thanks for any help!
Cubase 1.jpg
Cubase 2.jpg


If you don’t have the middle option, then you are not on Cubase 8, but you are on Cubase 7. In this case, use the KeyCommands I recommended.