Groove Agent se4-playing a stereo sample in mono

I’m trying to figure out GAse4 and have been going through the growing pains. One of the bigger pains involves finding a way to edit/alter the playback of a sample (cymbal for instance) so that it can be played as a mono file and the playback comes up without panning. Moving the panner just lowers the side that you move away from. For example, a crash sample is panned (in the sample) to the left with a small part playing on the right. If I pan right to center it, the left part of the sample (with all the attack) is lost.
I attempted to use the ‘sum’ button inside the sample editor of GA. This showed a correct representation of the file sample as mono, but doesn’t change the playback.
So how does one move a crash to the center of a drum mix without losing the quality of the crash? (I know, who would want to)
If GA doesn’t do this, I think it’s a huge oversight. But I have confidence that I’ve missed some micro button and just need a little help here. My workaround is to send it out of GA on it’s own bus and then send it to a mono group bus.
Any help is much appreciated.

Cubase Pro 8.5

Like edipro I have been getting to know Groove Agent SE, particularly the Acoustic Agent and I am getting some good realistic results considering that its a drum machine. I have a similar question. I can see that no one responded originally - hopefully someone will be able to throw some light on this.

I have come to start mixing some tracks and have created separate output channels for each part of the kit - kick, snare, hats, toms, cymbols, percussion, room and overheads, so I can change the sounds independently.

With the instruments panned centre in the groove agent mixer window, I am finding that all of the outputs have about 3-6db more signal on the right channel. I can understand that the cymbols and toms are probably recorded in sterio, but it affects the kick, snare and hats which I want centred. I have found that by panning hard left in the groove agent mixer I can bring some of the instruments back to centre, although this doesn’t always work. For the room and overhead channels I have found that if I turn all of the width right down then I get a balanced right / left signal.

If I go back to using the groove agent internal mixer to the kit mix and LR output then everything is centred and the pan controls work as normal and so this doesn’t seem to be sample related.

This is such a basic problem I’m wondering if there is some other way to fix this, or is it a bug. Basically if you can’t centre the kick and snare in a mix using the separate outputs then the program is useless.

Has anyone got any ideas if this is fixable?


Cubase Pro 8.5