Groove Agent SE4

Cubase 9.5.20
Win 10 64 Pro
16GB blah blah blah
SSD etc etc.

Hi there,

Cutting to the chase - trying to export a bespoke kit of my own samples from Groove Agent SE4 (on machine A), following the instruction on page 73 of the Groove Agent manual.
The samples save and a vstpreset file is created.

I would like to import the exported kit onto another machine (B), transferring the dongle of course.
So I open up a new project add an instrument track for Groove Agent SE4 and then go to the kit bar near the top, right click and select import.

The problem - the open file dialogue only has two options in the file type menu, these are .gak and .pgm

The cubase export function in grooveagent created this .vstpreset file along with a nice little folder containing the samples (apologies for the sarcasm, a little frustrated).

So how exactly am I supposed to import the groove agent bespoke kit from machine A to machine B if the import file option doesn’t allow .vstpreset files.

If this is not the method, then the manual is somewhat ambiguous.

I believe that you can just throw your presets into C:\Users{{USERNAME}}\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Groove Agent SE\Program and it will work.

You can also add the folder containing your presets as a MediaBay (F5) scan location.