Groove Agent SE5 empty kit slot

Hi all. My first post ever in the forums. Made changes in my professional life in order to start making music again after 10 years of just wishing I had the time to do so. So first question here we go…

Working with Groove Agent SE5 (Cubase Artist 10) and I’m not able to add/load a second kit in the instrument. Therre are four slots as described in the documentation but they cannot be selected. Anything I do using the Kit menu (Load Kit, Copy, Paste, etc…) applies to the first slot.

The SE5 documentation says I can select an empty slot and load a kit in it so I assume working with multiple kits is not a feature only available in the full version.

I was intending to use the multi-kit feature as a way to do A/B comparisons to try different ideas within the same instrument.

Adding a gif of what I see in my SE5 window…

Thanks is advance

I just discovered the same issue. I can’t seem to access anything but the slot 1in Groove Agent 5 and
I’m running Cubase 10.5 Pro . Any suggestions ?

You can only load one kit into Groove Agent SE5.

You will need to purchase the full version to be able to load up to 4 kits!

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James Colah

Or, just use multiple instances in your DAW, change the end-point of the track(s) to test your different instances. Some DAWS might even allow you build a macro or something that automates the steps in changing that end point and bind it to an instant key-combo.