Groove Agent SE5 - Export kit to Cubase missing

Great looking new feature here, that you can right click on your kit and export the mixer and routing to Cubase…

…except that option doesn’t appear here. Here’s my list:

Export Kit to Cubase is conspicuously absent. Compare and contrast with a screen grab from the video:

W10 Pro 64 bit.

Same as you with Beat Agent, but I see the ‘Export Mixer and FX to Cubase’ menu item, with a ‘The Kit SE’ program loaded.

Oh yes, me too - so that demo feature in the video literally just applies to the one kit they actually demoed?! That’s pretty cheap…

Maybe there’ll be a few more choices in the full blown GA5…? Dunno…

I’d guess it only applies to the acoustic kits for whatever reason, of which there’s only one in SE. Real shame, that was potentially a very good USP for Groove Agent in Cubase over Battery et al.

Another exciting Steinberg feature that has a deflating end in real life once you’ve discovered the gotcha.

it hurts more when you purchase the full version and still cant use the export to mixer option on beat agent sets, only acoustic and percussion agents???
why steinberg??

Yup, same here… Only THE KIT can export the mixer to Cubase. I basically bought C10 because of this, and a few other new things they upgraded. Man, this is disappointing, I really don’t see why they would do this on purpose. Must be ANOTHER C10 bug. I get that rushing in and buying the very first version of any software update is not the best idea, but seriously? There are tons of user GUI bugs, and even crashes.

I kinda regret the very early upgrade…

I made the mistake of purchasing because listed as one of the new features in Groove Agent 5 was the ability to drag and drop samples from Groove Agent to Cubase which is exactly what I’ve been waiting for so I can drag straight from pads to sampler tracks to quickly play samples at various pitches.

Turns out you can only drag and drop from the Groove Agent Browser (because that makes TOTAL sense right?) Silly me for assuming they meant dragging and dropping from the pads. Asked for a refund 48 hours after purchase and was told no refunds. Like mentioned, export mixer settings doesn’t apply to beat agents but this isn’t made clear either.

Don’t make the same mistake I did and ALWAYS wait for the demo. At the time I purchased there wasn’t one so I thought the only way for me to find out was by purchasing. I’ve never had buyers remorse so quickly. Oh… and I didn’t upgrade, I payed full price :frowning:

yep i got giddy and upgraded from se4. its very naughty of steinberg to not make make clear the limitations of the new features.
they boasted them and presented videos on the new features without stating how hey actually apply. false advertising springs to mind. surley as you purchased the full version and not from an update there are grounds for a refund based on the “not fit for purpose” under the sales of goods act 1975… look into. all steinberg has to do is blacklist your serial number. the very least they have to offer is a credit note.