Groove Agent SE5 - Groups Tab

I’m not seeing the Groups tab below Agent where it would show different groups and you could select the Toms group, for example, and then control each individual drum. Is this a limitation of SE or is it dependent on the acoustic kit you load?

Here’s an image from a Chris Selim video at around the 8:15 mark. Note the Groups option circled in red, which allows for the option to route all instruments to separate tracks in Cubase. The only thing I can figure is that this feature is related to the specific Kit or Agent. Anyone?


Solved. I purchased the Marco Minneman add-on and now have the Groups option as described above. Seems this option is only available for certain packs or agents. The nice thing about it is that you can route each individual drum to it’s own track in Cubase, whereas most agents or Kits are routed in groups (toms, snares, etc) so you don’t get that individual control in the mix.