Groove Agent (SE5) How to delete the Sample Layer (Part of the PAD)?


How to delete this sample?

Toggle this “PAD/SEL” button so it changes to SEL and becomes red:

Then right click the tab for the sample you want removed. Choose to remove or cut the sample.

No now it’s gone, and the velocity gap automatically closed.

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Thanks. I have no words how to describe my frustration. It totally killed my flow for today.

I guess just adding a “Remove sample” menu entry was too easy. So they did it like this.

Yes, but hang in there. There are valid power user reasons they’ve done it that way. It’ll all make sense further down the road and you’ll grasp WHY with some experience.

Plus, there are probably ‘other ways’ to do it on top of what I’ve shown you. I just haven’t found it yet :slight_smile: Go figure…

Those toggle thinggies in the top right make it easier to do sweeping edits to the entire pad (relative or absolute), as opposed to isolated edits to the individual samples/envelopes/etc.

Moreso with the amp/pitch/filter envelopes than samples themselves, but eventually you’ll have times when you want an envelope that applies to ANY/ALL samples on the pad in one go, while other times you might want it to be more isolated or sample specific.

Think of it like ‘layers’…

Don’t give up. I promise, it gets better and easier to understand. Keep the owner manual open. Read what all those weird buttons do as you go.

Bruh, I am Cubase power user. Some of their UX solutions just don’t make sense. I tried those buttons when I was trying to figure out it myself. But I pressed Del or Backspace and it removed the whole pad. Also I was too logical to assume that “Remove sampleS” means remove one sample actually. And if you don’t press those PAD button it actually removes the whole pad. 0 IQ UX


I know, but it is what it is, and it does get better once you sort what it’s doing.

I’ve tried the other MPC style groove kits too. AKAI MPC renditions, NI machine, and more. They all got some workflow and GUI quirks for sure.

Yeah, I’m really bald now!

It can remove/cut/paste them in plural form too. That’s a chapter for moving things about from one pad to another…isolated, or in one go :wink:

I suppose it should say ‘selected layers’ or something along those lines? It can be rather confusing, but it does start to make more sense as you go.

Anyway, thanks for your help. I appreciate.
I use it mostly for Kick and Snare workflow, that’s it.
Figure it out took me a lot of time until I wrote the post the the forum. I tried their manual. TBH it’s unusable.