GROOVE AGENT SE5 - insert multi layered samples

Hi All,
Who can give me a hand/hint for inserting multi-layered samples on one key… / can’t find any respons in support-documents…a bit tired of reading…propably a simple solution ?? Thanks a lot !! :question:

Drop all the samples onto a pad and change the mode from ‘velocity’ to ‘layer’ in the main tab

and this

should help

Thanks again hbar for your kind reply and usefull helping hand !..Found the way…easy, but not quite the way discribed in video OR even written cubase tutorial…that is…for what i’m looking for.
So …working with ‘default’ multi-sample presets (velocity-programmed)…just copy and drag ‘the hole set’ of samples into a destination pad (key) you’d choose…and select ‘replace’ -item (middle option in the pad/ two little squares) while adding. You don’t have to select ‘layer’…keep ‘velocity’… /
You’ll see, after you added the layers, that all samples will apear on the screen…and by selecting those…the programmed velocity range will also apear.

So glad I can start programming my drumkit…/ multi-layerd samples are a ‘must’ for more ‘realistic’ sounds (life-feeling if you like)…/ also great for playing and programming other instruments.
Wish you the best. Regards

Top solution, cool