Groove Agent SE5 kits & Patches & Rhythms

Is it possible to get a full list of all Groove Agent SE5 kits, patches rhythms. When I select certain categories or sub categories I can see more items within Groove Agent SE5 that apear to be available to me, but as I click on them there are not available to open. Is this a scripting issue within the software or am I missing some components of Groove Agent SE5? I have downloaded everything I believe to be available to me. I’m using 12 Pro.

Could you take a screenshot of what you’re referring to? You get access to all Groove Agent SE 5 content that’s bundled with Cubase by downloading and installing the following from the Steinberg Download Assistant:

  • Groove Agent SE 5 - Content
  • Rock Pop Toolbox - Content Set

In image 1 under Style selection it shows the number 5, I take this to mean I have 5 styles available in this section to chose from?

In image 2 under Style selection the number 5 disappears as I click on it and a bigger selection of styles is shown. However I can not select any of the expanded styles shown.

Is this a scripting error or am I missing a lot of drum styles from Groove Agent SE5.
I have Cubase 12 Pro 12, current version 12.0.51 if that helps?

Please make sure that you have the latest version of Groove Agent SE 5 installed (5.1.11). Also try to click Rescan Disk button to the middle right.

For me, when I unselect Rock/Metal, these other Sub Styles only show up for a moment while Groove Agent refreshes the preset list. You don’t seem to be missing content.

Using the Content Set browser at the top of this window, check if these libraries are available:

  • SE Studio Kit
  • Allen Morgan Signature Drums
  • SE Kits
  • Laser Beams
  • Production Grooves
  • Rock Pop Toolbox
  • The Kit SE

If they’re all on the list, then you’ve got all factory content installed.

I have the same problem. There seem to be 5 kits in 6/4 time (as in the first picture), but when I click on the time signature, there’s none there.

set the top yellow drop down to “all kits”.

Thanks for your reply. I have set the yellow dropdown menu to “All instrument sets” - see image 1. When I click on 6/4 measure, I get image 2.

I would need to check as its hard to test becuase I have GA full and not SE.

But what I would suggest is, install latest Steinberg Download and authentication agent and make sure you are authorized and authenticated correctly, both the stand along agent as well as web site.

I have the latest version of Download Assistant and Activation Manager, and I have access to Cubase both there and on the Steinberg website. I have also reinstalled Groove Agent (instrument and content) without any help.

I had a look at it. I seem to have similar issue. I wonder is 6/4 is same list as 12/8 except its also being listed at 1/2 time. they seem to be same count of patterns. I also seeing similar behavior in other styles and kits. 3/4 and 6/8 show same number but if you click one its blank below, but if you click the other, there is a list of pattern.

You are probably right. Strange that Steinberg does not distinguish between these time signatures - there is a difference between 6/4 and 12/8. And anyway, it must be a mistake that we don’t get any hits when we click on 6/4.

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I totally agree. Not the same meters.

It would be cool if someone from Steinberg GA team chimed in to let us know if we are wrong.