Groove Agent SE5 kits with red no entry sign

Well this was a brand new install of Win 10 here before all the faffing about of deleting this , remove that with no resolved .

No more messing for me , it either works or it goes out the window

I dumped the Cubase12 and 13 preference folders in the bin, then I downloaded and reinstalled Groove Agent SE 5 5,2,0 and the content, rebooted Cubase13 I still had the no entry red mark against some of the kits.

The issue also exists in the Groove Agent 5 standalone application, so it’s not just a Cubase/GA SE 5 thing.

I was wondering if the issue is system based ie Window or Macs or is it both, Im wondering why it isn’t on all machines I have a friend who’s system is similar to mine and his is ok, same op system Mac Sonoma 14.2.1

Im on Sonoma and fixed mine by deleting the preferences for MediaBay.

BUT that didn’t do it alone. Groove Agent had some trouble rebuilding the database, so I had to wipe the prefs again, and opened Halion standalone and let that complete its first scan. Then going back into Groove Agent, everything was ‘fixed’ after it finished its first scan.

After installing CB13 and all associated content, fired up Cubase and activated it, I had the same red symbols showing in GA and HS. Decided to have a look at the SAM and discovered that there were products not activated.

After activating them, I checked out the SLM and found duplicates, deleted those and opened CB to check. Everything is showing up and loading fine now.

is that the media bay server in the preferences folder?

Yes indeed. I deleted both the MediaBay and MediaLib folders just in case.

OK, have deleted both files. as you did, and after rescanning anything in the media bay that I thought could be connected to Groove Agent, I then reopened CB13, and now no more red signs, it looks as though you have found a cure for at least the Mac users. I’m assuming that windows will be the same, thanks for that

After opening Halion standalone Groove Agent is back with red kits!