Groove Agent Sliced Samples Always Overlap

No matter what polyphony mute group or sample settings you use, the samples always overlap. I hate this problem… groove agent one did not have this issue. It happens ALL the time when you drag your own pre sliced samples from the project menu into groove agent and the one shot mode does not respond with the correct poly and mute settings. You have to import each slice seperate. The only other way is to import the entire selection and then use the built in slicer in GA4/SE to avoid this… so frustrating. Such a hindrance to my workflow. Chris Dobbs also showed me another fix to where you limit the overall instruments polyphony but that creates further problems is you have other samples besides your looped ones… frustrating…please fix this. Still a problem after 2 or 3 years… UNACCEPTABLE to my workflow I have found myself using other drum samplers because of this