Groove agent ST outputs

Hi All you helpful people,
I am using groove agent. Have a pattern going but when I assign a drum pad i.e.: Kick to ST2 I lose the sound? Everything comes out of ST1. In other words I cannot assign sounds/pads to different outputs?
I have 2 stereo tracks in the mixer, so where does groove agent send the pad output?

The MIDI editor does not seem to have a drum editor?

Thanks in advance
Dr Sound

First you have to load up the Groove Agent in the Vst Rack, then in the rack you have to specify how many outputs GA should have. If you go for a minimum of two, then you will hear sound if you assign a pad to ST2.

Edit: this explains the process

Where is the VST rack?

The vid will show you basic functionality of Cubase.
For more very clear basic explanation , go check audiotekblog channel on Youtube.

I have done that …still no kick on ST2
I get a MIDI channel??

Did you, by accident, mute the kickpad? There is a very small M on the pad, check if you hit it, or did the opposite thing, Solo another drumpad. Yes, a very little S on a pad… :slight_smile:

No, mute and solo not pressed.
If I transfer the groove agent instrument track to the MIDI channel I can get the kick on the ST2, but then I have 2 drum tracks (1 MIDI 1 instrument). AND the MIDI track has no drumm editor?

Well, no problem, just delete the instrument track or give it another use, load up a synth in it, whatever you like.
Use the miditrack as your beatmaking track. Try a GM map or use Beatdesigner as a midi insert.

All sorted… :smiley:
I fu=igure I want to include my setup in the signature as you have…How do I do that?

Found it!

Including your system and setup in the signature can be useful when asking for help. That way, people do not have to ask you for your system configuration and so on.