Groove Agent strange AUX signals

I use Groove Agent SE 4, but hope that some of you take a look un your Groove Agent (w/o SE too) :slight_smile:

Problem I found right now is that all FX send sliders for all buses are set to zero, but the signals from some drums (kicks and snares) are going to the AUX channel anyway. Why? Where is the settings I can use to stop this?

For example, take Classic House -> House Kit 02 and let’s play pattern Groove 5 (on C0). It is Beat Agent. I tested Accoustic Agent too and all is okay. But, if I select Bro Country (Beat Agent), then there also all is okay.

Is there some settings stored in instrument and I cannot acces them with Groove Agent SE?

Hi Aneeman,

If you want to prevent this for the Snare, then select the Snare Pad in the Instrument page, do Edit, Amp tab and close the aux. There will be no reverberation on the Snare.

Ou, thank you very much! My thumb up for you :slight_smile: