Groove Agent Sync to Main Transport??

Hi - I am running Groove Agent 5 within Cubase 10.5 and want to sync the pattern on/off with the main transport start/stop.
Is this not possible? Is this an oddly omitted feature? Stylus RMX does it, for instance, and it seems that it should be an option…

Perhaps I’m missing something, in which case any helpful answer would be appreciated!

yes you click on the follow transport and it will turn yellow and the pattern pad will play when you press play in Cubase but you should also read the manual about jam mode and jam states it will let you set patterns to play next after the one you launched or return to a previous played pattern but I haven’t gotten into this much really which is why I say to read the manual

Thanks, I found it last night… but useful info on the jam states - I’ll look into it.