Groove Agent Sync with Cubase Playback?

Hi - I am running Groove Agent 5 inside Cubase Pro 10.5 and I would like the drum machine to start and stop when I start and stop playback, i.e. for GA to be sync’d to the main playback controls. Is there any way to do this or is it an oddly omitted feature?

Thanks, The Jeep

No, there isn’t as far as I know, but I don’t think this is an “oddly omitted feature.” Just drag the part to the track or use a single notes to play the patterns. It would be “nice” if GA had some way to do this similar StylusRMX’s note synch feature.

Yes it can do this. It plays in sync with the bpm of the track. Have you got the play mode switched on or something ? Press the stop button in GA and it will align when you press play on the arrange window

Thanks guys, but I figured it out last night: you simply click on the ‘FOLLOW TRANSPORT’ lettering top left, just below the kit name.
I knew it had to be somewhere!

Right! Sorry about that. I don’t work that way typically and completely forget it was already there.

I’m actually, for the first time, enjoying Groove Agent…

Groove agent is incredible. The full version is even more impressive.

Yes, I have it!

I simply cannot see such a button to click on. I use groove agent 4. Is that why?
If someone could upload a screen shot of this I’d be grateful.