Groove Agent takes a long time to load

You would think,it being a Steinberg product,there would be no issues but my old BFD 3 and SD 2 load faster than this,almost instantly.
Groove agent hangs.
In fact Cubase hangs when I load Groove agent.
I can’t press anything while Groove Agent is loading.

Also My midi drum file does not play in Groove AGent.
There is no sound.
I am using channel 10 but can’t find an option in Groove Agent to change the channels to channel 10.

SD2 and BFD3 work fine without any alteration.

P.S. I just noticed another problem.

Alot of presets are redded out in Groove Agent.

How do I get my kits all back?

This is the latest version of Cubase.

Latest full version of Groove Agent I got with Absolute 6.

The answer to this is.
Don’t use 96k.

96k or other sample rates not resolve,

BUT, Ableton works fine, is this funny, seems no Steinberg support to answer this!

I am on Windows 11 FYI.