Groove Agent takes forever to open when 96khz or higher sample rate is set in drivers

I am on Windows 11
Audio Interface: Steinberg Yamaha UR22C Driver 2.1.6
Cubase 12.0.70
Groove Agent 5.2

Opening Groove Agent 5 (Full) takes forever when sample rate is set to 96khz or higher. When changed to 48khz it seems to be OK.
No matter if I open in VST in Cubase or as a standalone player, it opens like 5 - 10 minutes.
When a GA track is saved in Cubase, the project open fast, it is just adding new track (new VST instrument)

I had not been using DAW for some time recently so not sure when exactly things were broken. Maybe updating Audio Interface drivers caused this…

Is this a known bug?
I saw someone complain about this on this forum, and the advice was not to use 96khz


After setting to low lattency ASIO mode in UR22C driver
adding GA seems to be much better still takes few seconds to load but much faster.